Llallas Empanadas
A Fiesta in Your Mouth!




  • Our Humble Beginnings

    Our story all started with a little Panamanian lady named Llalla (Yaya)! She may have been small in stature but not in life. My Grandma (or Abuelita) Llalla, loved life and loved to feed people. Most of all, she loved a good fiesta! It showed in everything she did and you ALWAYS left her house with a full belly and a smile. I am lucky enough to not only be named after her but to share her love of cooking and fiestas!! She passed on her delicious recipes to my mom who then passed them down to me.

  • Our Tradition

    Every holiday season the ladies in the family along with one strong roller would gather around the table to gossip, tell some jokes and make hundreds of Empanadas for our annual Christmas Eve party. Even though each year we would make more than the last, the feedback was always the same, there were not enough Empanadas! Since the first thing people asked after they would get an invite to the Chirstmas party was "is your mom making Empanadas?", we just started including on the invite "...and yes, there will be Empanadas". Nothing made Llalla happier than seeing her family and friends enjoy the food she served. That is why my husband Joe and I are very excited to share our love of Llalla, our family traditions, Empanadas and the Panamanian flavors with your taste buds!

  • Our Offerings

    If you have never had an Empanada, no worries! They are simple but delicious finger food that after one bite creates a fiesta of flavors in your mouth! Beef, spices, and a delicious light dough fried up to perfection. We have also added some new and exciting flavors that we know will honor Grandma Llallas wild side! The mix of flavors and spices remind me of our family; a little Panamanian, a little Irish, a little German… The possibilities are endless! Each one full of flavors that is sure to make you feel like you are sitting at Llallas table.

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